Special Benefits for New Member


  • VVIP icon


    USD 400 or more

    2.5% of actual purchase amount

    80% OFF coupon X2 (on any single item)

    (Monthly issued)

    Free gift event for VVIP

  • VIP icon


    USD 200 – USD 399.99

    2% of actual purchase amount

    60% OFF coupon X2 (on any single item)

    (Monthly issued)

    Free gift event for VIP

  • WELCOME icon


    USD 199.99 or less

    1.5% of actual purchase amount

    USD 10 OFF on entire purchase

    (Monthly issued)

Benefits for All Members


Guideline for reward points

  • Reward points are redeemable on next purchase like cash.(1 point = 1 USD)
  • Reward points are accumulated from actual purchase amount of delivered orders. This actual amount means the amount after applying coupon. If you make a purchase by reward points, the reward poitns are included in actual amount. Also, shipping fee, tax and GST are not included in actual purchase amount.
  • You can earn 1.5%~2.5% of your purchase amount in reward points. The percentage is based on your membership level.
  • You can get discounts by using reward points when there is more than 1 point.
  • Points cannot be transferred or rented to others.
  • Non-members cannot use or accumulate points.

Please note the following matters

  • Your membership level is updated on 00:00am everyday, with the actual purchase amount that has been accumulated until the day before.
  • Your current membership level has been determined on your accumulated actual purchase amount from January 1st, on the status of "IN TRANSIT" and "DELIVERED".
  • Shipping fee, tax and GST are not included in the actual purchase amount.
  • If your level has not been upgraded in the first half of 2023, your level will be maintained or downgraded on the first Monday of July upon your actual purchase amount for the last 6 months.
  • Registered customer benefits specified above are subject to change.
  • 80% OFF COUPON for VVIP, 60% OFF COUPON for VIP will be issued 2 times in the first half year. (January, April)
  • Maximum discount and the expiration date of the coupon(s) is specified on the coupon in My Account > Coupons.
  • This membership policy may be changed or ended according to OLIVE YOUNG Global Mall's circumstances.