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 5 Reward Points will be given immediately when you sign in for the first time after installing OLIVE YOUNG Global APP. Reward points are redeemable on purchase like cash.(1 point = 1 USD) 5 Reward Points will NOT be given again if you delete the app and reinstall. Based on KST, Reward Points will not be given to customers who install the app before 18th May, 2022.
The coupon will be issued the next day when you turn on the Olive Young Global APP notification. If you keep signed in the app, we will send a reminder via app when the coupon will be issued. Based on KST, the coupon will not be issued to members who have already turn on APP notification before 18th May, 2022.
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This is a daily mission. There will be 2 missions available to participate every day 0.01 reward points will be given immediately when you complete each mission. Extra 0.5 reward points will be given when you participate for more than 15 days, however it does not have to be 15 days in a row.
    - 5 Reward Points will be given immediately once you download Olive Young APP and Sign in for the first time. If you reinstall the app, points will not be given again. (1 reward point = USD1)
    - 5 Reward Points will expire within 14 days after issued.
    ※ This event may be changed or ended according to OLIVE YOUNG Global Mall's circumstances.
    ※ You can check the details for Coupon and Rewards Points at My Account > My shopping.
    ※ Please note that this promo code cannot be used for K-POP category and 0.99deal items.
    ※ Purchase coupons can not be used together with other Purchase coupons or Promo codes in the same order.