Referral Program of OLIVE YOUNG

2022-09-08 ~ 2023-12-31 (KST,PST+16)

  • 1. Referrer is you, a registered OLIVE YOUNG customer.
    2. Referred Customer is friend or family member of referrer who has not previously shopped on OLIVE YOUNG before and to whom the Referrer shares their link. Referred Customer is the person who signed up through Referrer's link
    3. 'Referral Link' is a personalized referral link, provided to you by OLIVE YOUNG. Please check your own link in My Account. You can find it on the bottom of screen.
    4. Referral program Coupons will be given at the time below.
    - 5% off to Referrer : within 2 days of delivery completion of the Referred Customer's first order
    - 10% off to Referred Customer: within 2 days of delivery completion of your first order
    - 5%, 10% off can be applied for your ENTIRE PURCHASE.
    - Each coupon will expire 30 days after issued.
    - Maximum discount of coupon(s) is $10.
    - Each coupon codes can be used on your $80+ order.
    - Please note Referral coupons will be not issued from Referred Customer's second order.
    5. Referrer is limited to referring up to fifty (50) friends or family members.
    6. This event may be changed or ended earlier according to Olive Young Global Mall circumstances.