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I want to make purchases in bulk. How can I make a B2B account?
  • Please scroll down at OLIVE YOUNG Global page. You can find the Help→B2B button.
  • If you click the button, it will present a page regarding creating a B2B Account.
  • If you complete creating a B2B account through the page, it would take 3-5 business days to get approval.
  • You will get an email regarding approval of your proposal.
What is the process of the bulk purchase?
  1. Fill out the order form by referring to the attached list of available products, and please confirm.
  2. When the final order list has been confirmed, we will send you the product URL and deposit account (within three business days).
  3. Once the payment is confirmed, place an order with the points equivalent to the deposit amount.
  4. The shipping starts after packaging has been completed.
Are the products that can be purchased in bulk designated?
Yes, We will send the possible product list of bulk purchase to your B2B account email.
If I buy in bulk, can I buy the same as the existing product price?
The price of regular orders and bulk purchase orders may differ.
However, there is an additional discount based on the purchase in bulk.
If you reply to us with the purchase guide, we will reply to the price of each product, discount amount.
Can I cancel the purchase in bulk or change an item to another?
After the purchase is completed, it is not possible to cancel or change an item.
What are the minimum order amount and minimum quantity of items?
Minimum order amount is USD 1,500, and purchase has to be in a box unit.
So the minimum quantity could differ depending on the number of goods in the box.
If there is a customs fee on the purchase in bulk, will OLIVE YOUNG pay for it?
We regret to inform you that tax is the buyer's duty.
Please contact your local tax authority and check the import tariff policy before you complete the purchase in bulk.
If the parcel is returned to the sender due to refusal to pay tax, it is not eligible for a refund.
I don't like the product and want to get a refund for my order in bulk.
Can I have my money back?
Customer's change of mind is not eligible for a refund.
I receive damaged/broken products. Can I get a refund?
Please contact the person in charge at OLIVE YOUNG Global and send photos or videos of the damaged/broken products to us
(Please do not dispose of the damaged/broken item until further notice, and please take as many pictures as possible to proceed quickly)

If any damage or missing occurs during transportation, please make a complaint to the designated courier.

If any damage or missing occurs to the product during transportation, OLIVE YOUNG Global is not responsible for it.
Can individuals make bulk purchases?
Yes. Please send the product name, quantity, and receiving schedule to “global_wh@cj.net”
We will reply after reviewing it.