For All New Members

2022-11-01 00:00~2099-12-31 00:00 (KST,PST+16)

  • [USD0.99 Deal]
    - You can purchase 1 item out of USD0.99 deal items in your first order, only available on the app.
    - USD0.99 deal will expire within 7 days after you sign up.
    - USD0.99 deal is available for customers who signed up after Feb. 23rd, 2023. (KST)

    - USD5 off SIGN UP coupon will be given immediately after you sign up.
    - USD5 off SIGN UP coupon applicable over USD30+ is for JAPAN SHIPPING ONLY.
    - USD5 off SIGN UP coupon applicable over USD70+ is for other countries except for Japan.
    - USD5 off SIGN UP coupon will expire within 14 days after issued.

    - WELCOME level will be given when you sign up as a new member. The membership coupon for the WELCOME(USD10 off) will be issued immediately.
    - USD10 off WELCOME coupon is applicable on purchases over USD80.
    - USD10 off WELCOME coupon will expire within 90 days after issued.

    ※ You can check the details for Coupon and Rewards Points at My Account > My shopping.
    ※ Purchase coupons can not be used together with other Purchase coupons or Promo codes in the same order.
    ※ This event may be changed or ended according to OLIVE YOUNG Global Mall's circumstances.